Chest Pain, Differential Diagnoses & Non-and Pharmacological Treatments

Chest Pain, Differential Diagnoses & Non-and Pharmacological Treatments;- Chest discomfort that can range from a dull aching to a strong stabbing pain and pain that extends to the neck or shoulder.


There are causes of chest pain besides underlying illnesses. Heavy lifting, weightlifting, chest injuries, and swallowing a sizable piece of food are a few examples.

Chest Pain, Differential Diagnoses & Non-and Pharmacological Treatments

Chest Pain
Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Over 8 millionTrusted Source emergency room (ER) visits occur annually in the United States as a result of chest pain, which is the second most common ER visit reason. Around the world, 20–40% of people experience chest pain.

Differential Diagnoses

  • Angina
  • Myocardialinfections
  • RefluxEsophagitis
  • Lunginfection
  • Pericarditis

Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Treatments

Your doctor may use a combination of medication, noninvasive techniques, surgery, or all three to address chest discomfort. Your chest pain’s degree and etiology will determine your course of treatment.

The following are some remedies for heart-related causes of chest pain:

medications, which may include blood thinners, clot-busting medicines, nitroglycerin, and other therapies that open partially blocked arteries.

cardiac catheterization, during which clogged arteries may be opened with balloons or stents

Also known as coronary artery bypass grafting or bypass surgery, surgical artery repair

Other causes of chest discomfort may be treated with:

Your doctor will install a chest tube or other comparable device to reinflate a collapsed lung.

Antacids or specific treatments for heartburn and acid reflux.