“Inside Out: How to Identify and Treat Inner Knee Pain”

Identify Inner Knee Pain & Treat It Right

What’s Inner Knee and its injury?
Medial or the Inner Knee refers to the portion of the knee that is closest to its contemporary i.e. same part of the other knee. Series of injuries over time or different health disorders can contribute to the inner knee pain.

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What are few inner knee pain causes?

The knee isn’t a simplex structure with just a hinge joint working on but involves a number of tissues, ligaments and tendons for a single movement. Many things may go wrong, few of which are:

• Bursitis

Bursitis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac preventing bones, muscles and tendons from the friction of rubbing. Inflammation of this tissue causes bursitis.
Particularly when inflammation of pes anserine bursa happens due to acute injury or overuse of the joint, it adds to inner knee pain.

Ultrasound or MRI might be used if your bursitis can’t easily be diagnosed by a physical exam alone. Lab tests. Your doctor might order blood tests or an analysis of fluid from the inflamed bursa to pinpoint the cause of your joint inflammation and pain.

Symptoms Bursitis  include;

pain, swelling and stiffness. Common areas include the knees, shoulders, elbows and hips.

Chronic pain: Untreated bursitis can lead to a permanent thickening or enlargement of the bursa, which can cause chronic inflammation and pain. Muscle atrophy: Long term reduced use of joint can lead to decreased physical activity and loss of surrounding muscle.

• Injury

Sports, exercises may often cause injury, which puts a strain on the knee joints resulting in knee pain. Apart from these two, accidents or trauma where a person unconsciously falls on the knees may lead to serious injuries and knee pain.

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• Sprain or Tear

A tear in medial collateral ligament can add up to inner knee pain. This may happen in injuries where an excessive twist of the ligament has ensued. A strong blow on the outer side of the knee causes strain on the inner knee, which usually results in immediate pain and swelling.

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• Torn meniscus

A protective cartilage called meniscus lines the knee joint and a tear in it causes inner knee pain. This layer may also wear out over time and cause pain while any sort of knee movement.

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• Knee osteoarthritis

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The degenerative condition where the protective cartilage is worn out and make the knees vulnerable is known as osteoarthritis. You may experience knee pain as the first thing post you wake up.


• Medial plica syndrome

Plica syndrome: is it a cause of knee pain? - Sport Doctor London


Inflammation of the plica present beneath the knee is caused by this syndrome. This may occur after a person has a sudden boost in their activity level. Doctors may feel very tender to touch nodule on the inner portion of the knee.

Inner Knee Pain Treatment

Home treatment may resolve or relief from problems caused by injuries or inflammations. You can try:
• Resting the Knee: if the injury is due to sport and is minor, try to rest your knee and reduce your activity level.
• Using an Ice Pack: This can significantly reduce pain and inflammation. Try it 4-5 times a day for as long as 15 minutes at a time.
• Anti-inflammatories: You can try a mild dose of anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or aspirin purchased Over-the-counter, but only until you see your doctor and then intake prescribed medications only.
Never forget to have a Doctor’s consultation if you feel the injury is quite high. They may recommend a brace, physical therapy or anything that best suits to treat your inner knee pain.

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